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Predictive Analytics

Definition: The use of statistics and modeling to determine future performance based on current and historical data.


Human Capital

Definition: The skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.


'Predictive Analytics for Human Capital'

Hiring Company – FAQs

1. I think this is just a fad, why do I need RecruitSumo?

We've all been recruited at some point in our career and that experience can be as stressful as buying a house or getting married. Our goal is to improve the engagement process exponentially, that's not a fad to us.

2. So how does RecruitSumo improve things?

We are using a phased approach to tackle one element at a time. All companies seek:

  • Time savings
  • Value for money
  • Good company fit
  • Quality employees
  • Unbiased feedback
  • Speed of execution
  • Effective evaluation
  • High staff retention

Using RecruitSumo allows key stakeholders and decision makers, more time to focus on value-added business tasks. Whilst we produce comprehensive predictive analytics which reduces the guesswork, due to the advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

3. We've heard about this Artificial Intelligence (AI) thing before. How do we know it works?

We continue to work tirelessly to improve our algorithms and we have a thing about testing at RecruitSumo.

  • Testing with sample users.
  • Testing with real customers.
  • Testing with large data samples.
  • Testing in a sandbox environment.
  • Testing in a controlled environment.
  • Testing and gaining real-world feedback.

To ensure the implemented science works, we sought in-depth knowledge within academia from PhD Computer Science graduates; Prof. of Computer Science and Post-doctoral Scholars. Our next step, took us into the real world, into industry, where our platform has been used by beta customers and early adopters alike.

4. I don't trust Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are upon us. From Alexa Voice Service in our homes to driverless cars on our streets, it's part of our future.

Artificial Intelligence enables rapid learning, which facilitates predictive analytics that get better over time (it learns by itself).

5. I don't get it, what exactly are you analyzing?

Right now, we are analyzing software engineers computer code to establish traits in their programming skills.The same way everyone has a handwriting style. The same can be said for software code. The clever bit is how that's interrupted using machine learning and AI.

6. What's the process, someone has to take a test?

No, we do not test. Instead, we've developed our internal methods into a platform everyone can benefit from. Users submit sample code, (say something they are proud off) and we ask them to tell us why. This uncovers a whole host of interesting anecdotes.

7. How do you account for someone submitting someone else's code?

Plagiarism eh - If only we all played fair! We use weighted algorithms to determine the reuse of existing software components versus a blind cut and paste.

8 That doesn't sound very predictive to me, is that it?

No, that's our base point, we do a lot more. We use industry data to ascertain the skills required today - ask any recruiter they'll have a good idea. We also look at future requirements, developing skill sets, emerging technologies and we collaborate with thought leaders, academia, and industry leaders building this into our product.

Candidate Centric | Company Focus

We answer human capital questions, no one else can and created visuals that make a complex high touch-point specialism, easy to grasp.


Early Adopter Pricing

Join us and lock yourself into our special discounted pricing.The best way to predict the future is to create it.

9. This is a huge challenge, what made you take on this problem?

Our CEO Ian Barnor has previous experience as a recruiter, and has earned his spurs as a Project Manager and Business Analyst for large corporations including Oracle and AIG.

Prior to launching RecruitSumo, he spent six months shadowing the CEO in a 3-year-old tech startup, some 5,000 miles away from home. Whilst there he learned computer programming. Much of his 360° first-hand knowledge is embedded into our product roadmap, however, that's just the beginning.

10. How are you getting the data and industry insights?

We actively speak with industry including, Software Developers, Software Engineers, HR professionals, Thought Leaders and C-Level Executives. Join our CEO on LinkedIn where he speaks openly about his engagements.

11. I'm in Talent Acquisition; Human Resources; Tech Recruitment - Is this for me?

Absolutely, we specialize in predictive analytics for human capital. These are the skills, knowledge, and experience a business requires to succeed.Try us, we've entered six verticals and counting.

12. This will take away my job, right? Will artificial intelligence replace me?

Artificial Intelligence has been proven to enhance the user experience and we have the evidence to back that up. From our customer development research, over 70% reported it can take up to six weeks to arrange, schedule and test candidates. RecruitSumo evaluates in minutes, not weeks.

13. I would like more features than you offer. What's the deal?

There's no deal, however, experience has taught us to stagger software releases and to ensure we have a robust product base. Early adoption means keener pricing, the ability to influence product advancement and to become a thought leader in your field. Pretty cool huh.

14. OK I understand what your doing, this sounds great how do I join?

We welcome your business, lock yourself into our early adopter offer and start gaining your market edge.

RecruitSumo Inc

RecruitSumo Inc, sharing our passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We specialize in predictive analytics for human capital adding value by helping build the right organization, culture, team, and talent to succeed.