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News Item Description
CEO Shadowing RecruitSumo, Inc. shadows Tech Startup CEO
Invest Ottawa, Canada RecruitSumo, Inc. visits Invest Ottawa
Dyna-Lytics Alliance RecruitSumo | Dyna-Lytics strategic alliance
South Carolina, USA RecruitSumo, Inc. heads to South Carolina
ITIC International Transportation Innovation Center
CU-ICAR RecruitSumo, Inc visits CU-ICAR, SC
USC RecruitSumo heads to University of South Carolina
XPG Productions RecruitSumo Inc partners with XPG, UK
Summer Placement Business Mgmt graduate joins RecruitSumo
Boomtown Accelerator RecruitSumo joins Boomtown, CO, USA
Meetup 1 Million Cups - Boulder, CO, USA
Venturebeat What AI companies can learn from airline autopilot
Globe Newswire Boomtown's demo day caps Boulder startup week
One Million Cups Passionate people think differently
Zilo International Boulder Startup Week
Private Beta RecruitSumo, Inc. launches private beta program
Beta Customers UK companies named as beta customers
Early Adopter RecruitSumo, Inc. launches early adopter program
Shedwool ShedWool partners with RecruitSumo, Inc.
Cuba Outsource Cuba Outsource partners with RecruitSumo, Inc.
Thermo AI RecruitSumo announced as ThermoAI tech partner
SXSW The South by Southwest question - Nominee

About RecruitSumo

RecruitSumo, Inc., is a predictive analytics company for human capital. Our first product RecruitSumo CCP, a candidate-centric platform that empowers key decision makers with their tech hiring, through visualized data, curated research and engagement analysis.

Predictive Analytics - is the use of statistics and modeling to determine future performance based on current and historical data. Human Capital are the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual, viewed in terms of their value or cost.

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