FAQ Software Engineers

'everything we do begins with people'

1. How are you any different from code testing platforms out there?

Well, we're not a testing platform. We do things differently here.

We ask everyone to supply sample clean code and explain why they've used this sample. This uncovers a whole host of interesting anecdotes.

2. My best work is proprietary, I'm in the industry. How will you see what I can do?

Our best work is proprietary too. It's your ability to write good clean code that we ascertain.

Much like math(s) we are interested in your approach, your thought process and how well this is matched to a hiring company profile.

3. How do you account for someone submitting someone else's code?

Plagiarism eh - If only we all played fair!

We use weighted algorithms to determine the reuse of existing coding components versus a blind cut and paste. The more original your computer code, the better.

4.Interesting, so what makes you the authority on evaluating computer code?

If you ask 100 software engineers to conduct a code review, you'll get 100 opinions. So we decided to speak directly with academia and industry to establish the consensus between the two.

After 100's of interviews the consensus for good code consist of three core principles: Readability, Reliability and Writability.

These are known as the fundamental building blocks of writing good code. This was our starting point, and we've come a long way since then.

5. We've heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) before. How do we know it works?

Having your product or service used in industry is the ultimate measure and we've done that.

We are super excited about how far we've come, however, this is only the beginning. There's so much more we can do.

6. Aren't you just another opinion adding to the confusion?

We see it very differently. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the differentiator in an opinionated arena. How we use it, sets us apart.

From Alexa Voice Service in our homes to driver-less cars on our streets, it's all part of our future. Artificial Intelligence enables rapid learning, which facilitates predictive analytics that get better over time (it learns by itself).

7. I'm technical, how does this work?

We cannot tell you everything as some of our secret sauce must remain secret. However, what we can say, our base algorithms consist of the three core principles: Readability, Reliability and Writability.

To ensure the implemented science works, we sought in-depth knowledge within academia from PhD Computer Science graduates; Prof. of Computer Science and Post-doctoral Scholars.

Our next step, took us into the real world, into industry, where our platform is in use with beta customers and early adopters alike.

8. What does machine learning really mean?

Machine learning identifies patterns whilst learning from past experience the same way a human does. The main difference being, the volume of data it can process and the number of variables it can take into consideration.

Therefore, we are able to determine the difference between mediocre and brilliance. When this is applied to large dollar projects, it becomes pivotal within human capital.

9. How does this help me?

Talk to a software developer or software engineer about the hiring process and in less than 10 minutes you'll hear horror stories.

  • Whiteboard exercises - This is not how a developer works.
  • Remote projects - Time consuming (Takes up my personal hours)
  • Scheduling / Rescheduling - Time-consuming (Takes up my office hours)
  • I'm not a code monkey... I'm not a code monkey... I'm not a code monkey...

Due to the advancement of technology we are able to determine, analyze and predict the competency level of a computer software engineer using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

10. OK, I understand what your doing, this sounds great how can I help?

We're glad you share our vision, you have a number of options, pick one:

  • If you want to contribute to the project, drop us a line. We offer internships, placements, year-in-industry, and work experience.
  • Connect with our CEO or sign up for our newsletter.
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